Rotating sowing methods

First rice crop – Drill sown

  • Cultivate and level rice bays in the previous autumn to ensure all parts of the field drain well. Water laying on the soil surface for more than 12 hours in low spots will reduce establishment.
  • Control weeds over winter with herbicides to get rid of barnyard grass and other weeds prior to sowing.
  • Sow rice into a firm seedbed around 3 cm deep.
  • Between the first and second flushes and before any rice emerges spray with the recommended gramoxone/stomp/magister mix to control barnyard grass.
  • Permanent water can be applied anytime up to Christmas, depending on your weed situation. Apply nitrogen to dry soil prior to permanent water application.

Second rice crop – Aerial sow

  • Different herbicide modes of action can be used compared to drill sowing. This slows the development of herbicide resistance.
  • Rice roots hold clods together giving firm soil for roots to attach.

Brian Dunn, NSW Department of Primary Industries, Rice Pre season 2014