Rice Industry Field Day Booklet 2014

2014 Rice Industry Field Day, From Plate to Paddy, Research responding to market demand

  • Rice stubble, fertiliser and water management options to reduce N2O emissions and build soil carbon, Terry Rose, Lukas van Zwieten, Stephen Kimber, Russell Ford, Katrina Marshall and Neil Bull
  • Mid-season Draining of Rice, John Fowler, Murray Local Land Services
  • Rice Drainage Factors, David Troldahl, NSW DPI
  • Implementing Precision Agriculture in the Australian Rice Industry, Andrew Whitlock, Precision Agriculture and Russell Ford, RRAPL
  • Sequential herbicide programs in delayed permanent water rice, Malcolm Taylor, Agropraisals Pty Ltd
  • An alternative to copper for snail control, Mark Stevens, Andrew Watson and Glen Warren, NSW DPI, Yanco
  • Rice Nitrogen Update, Brian Dunn, Tina Dunn, Craig Hodges and Chris Dawe, NSW DPI
  • Rice PI Tissue Test, Brian Dunn, Tina Dunn, Craig Hodges and Chris Dawe, NSW DPI
  • Rice plant population and row spacing, Brian Dunn, John Fowler, Tina Dunn, Craig Hodges, Chris Dawe
  • 2013/14 Temperatures, Brian Dunn, NSW DPI
  • Varietal Development, Peter Snell, NSW DPI
  • Variety Chemistry, Cereal Chemistry Team, Yanco Agricultural Institute, NSW DPI
  • Rice Research Australia (RRAPL) – Project Involvement 2013/14
  • Rice Trials/demonstrations Harvest 2014
Leah Garnett