Rice Industry Field Day Booklet 2017

2017 Rice Industry Field Day, Tradition, Technology, Productivity - A balancing act

  • Remote sensing for rice nitrogen management, Brian Dunn, NSW DPI
  • Evolution to aerobic rice, Peter Snell, NSW DPI
  • Alternate weed management in rice, Graham Brodie, Melbourne University and Antony Vagg, RRAPL
  • Sequential herbicide programs in delayed permanent water rice, Malcolm Taylor, Agropraisals Pty Ldt
  • Irrigator to irrigator water direct trading platform, Lex Batters, H2OX
  • Empowering agricultural innovation, Sam Trethewey, SproutX
  • Talking Grit: Land for Life, Anika Molesworth, Deakin University
Leah Garnett