The Rice Harvester's Reference

Harvesting rice is the most expensive field activity. The timing, duration and mode of conduct of the harvest have a direct bearing on rice quality, efficiency, and on growers’ incomes. A delayed or protracted harvest often will downgrade the whole grain mill appraisal.

Rice has its greatest value as whole grain, unlike other crops that are ground or processed before sale. Maximum whole grain is affected by the season and timing of harvest, see. An efficient harvest depends greatly on pre-harvest management — variety selection, timing of establishment, crop care, water and nutrient management and drain-off.

  • Types of rice combine harvesters

  • Choosing the right rice harvester front

  • Rice harvesters — current specifications

  • Measuring and reducing harvest losses

  • The rice harvest and grain quality

  • Ways to reduce trash in the bin

  • Managing field operations

  • Field patterns — opening the field and turning

  • Costings — ownership and contracting

Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation and The Kondinin Group, 1999