Rice Extension Newsletter November 2018

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Rice Extension Newsletter | November 2018

I hope you enjoy the latest Rice Extension Newsletter and you find it full of useful information.

Over 70% of the crops sown this season were drill sown, which is a real adjustment from around 45% last season. Many growers have successfully established drill sown crops for the first time – well done!

The water savings of drill sowing are very handy with some growers planting more rice with the water they have saved already. Remember you can drill sow Viand(PBR) up till 5 December.

The Rice Extension team are monitoring crops again this season to report back to you the growing practices being used to save water and get best yields for high $/ML.

“We are looking for a new Rice Extension Coordinator. Please share this link to the job ad if you know a suitable candidate. I am moving on but I have very much enjoyed the role working with rice growers, researchers, agronomists and industry promoting innovation and technology” Gae.

Stories this month:

  • Sowing Viand in late November and December

  • Grower results from last season for Viand crops

  • Water use comparison: dry broadcast vs drill sown 

  • Water use comparison: drill vs delaying permanent water

  • Herbicide and insecticide compatibility

  • Rice research update

  • PI predictor – update coming soon

  • Bittern friendly rice practices- please complete your survey

  • Do you want to know more about PA and how to apply it on farm?

  • Calendar of operations November

Upcoming events:

  • We’re looking for the industry’s best and brightest young people – how to apply for the Introduction to leadership program

  • Water forums, Tuesday November 27 Finley and Caldwell

  • Women in Rice, Wednesday November 21 Wakool

  • Rice Industry Awards partners

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Barnstorm working OK 5 days after application - left, 3 way mix still clean after 25 days - right. @Bencrump12 on Twitter @RiceExtension

“Application of the three-way mixture before crop emergence ensures that early weed competition does not occur, thus maximising rice crop yield potential,” Malcolm Taylor on herbicides in drill sown rice in the October Rice Extension Newsletter.

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For late sowing decisions, the recommended variety is Viand(PBR) (YRM70). Viand(PBR) is a medium grain variety that is shorter in growth duration than other medium grain varieties.

Aerial sow Viand(PBR) until 10 December and drill sow until 5 December. Do not delay permanent water, as this sowing method will delay the crop and increase the risk of a late harvest.

To go to the latest information on how to grow Viand(PBR) from the NSW DPI -


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Almost 2,000 ha of YRM70 (Viand(PBR)) was planted last season, average yield has been 9.4 T/ha and the top 20% of crops averaged 11.2T/ha over the last 2 years. As a late season option and to save water Viand(PBR) proved ideal.

They drill sowed 100ha of Viand(PBR), following a 4-5 tonne/ha wheat crop. The rice yield was 8.4t/ha and it used 7.4 ML/ha plus rainfall resulting in a water use efficiency of 1.14 t/ML.

“We were able to use drainage water from the Sherpa crops to finish the Viand(PBR) off which reduced the water use as well” Peter said. “We were aiming for 9-10t/ha but we thought we would use a lot more water than we did. This crop ended up our most profitable crop on a $/ML basis.”

Research has shown Reiziq(PBR) will perform as well or better than Viand(PBR) up until 15 Nov. Andrew and Claire Beer grew Viand(PBR) with a water use of 13.1 ML/ha and a yield of 11.1T/ha.

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These two Yenda rice paddocks are the perfect site for a water use comparison. They are neighbouring paddocks and on different irrigation supply outlets, so we can measure the difference in water use.

Both paddocks were sown into oats stubble. The one on the left was drill sown on 15th Oct before rain and has been flushed twice. The one on the right was dry broadcast and filled on 10th Oct.

The drill sown paddock had used 1.75 ML/ha up until 9th Nov compared to 3.4 ML/ha on the dry broadcast paddock.

Stay tuned. We’ll be updating you on these paddocks throughout the season.


Alex Schultz, NSW DPI, installing equipment at Coleambally to measure irrigation water on and off, rainfall and soil moisture. All equipment is connected to WiFi recording loggers so we can keep an eye on the results even when we are not in the paddock.

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We will also be comparing a conventionally irrigated drill sown rice crop (DRILL) with a delayed permanent water (DPW) crop this season. We want to compare the water use and yields of the two irrigation methods on a paddock scale.

We’ve set up two paddocks on a Coleambally farm with meters to measure water on and off the paddock and rainfall. The two paddocks will be sown to Viand(PBR). The grower plans to sow the DPW on 19 November and the DRILL approximately 10 days later.

We will also be measuring rainfall, soil moisture and water depth and all the measurements will be collected through WiFi loggers, so we can monitor what’s happening in the paddock from anywhere. Our aim is to answer these three questions:

  1. Does DPW use less water than DRILL on a paddock scale?

  2. Can DPW yield as well as DRILL on a paddock scale?

  3. What is the easiest way to decide when to irrigate when using DPW? Is it by evapotranspiration, gypsum blocks or capacitance probes?

A big thanks to the grower, Coleambally Irrigation and NSW DPI for their help.

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When applying chemicals, make sure you read the label! For example

  • Stam® should not be mixed with other pesticides or liquid fertilisers because of possible injury to rice

  • Aura® and Barnstorm™ must be sprayed 7 days apart from MCPA, Londax® and Basagran®.

For a full list of compatibilities, see the 2018-19 Rice Crop Protection Guide.

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Researchers are continuing their rice R&D despite the dry conditions this season. Trials have been planted across the region to assess varieties, nitrogen, herbicides, pest control and water management.
Rice Extension is working closely with researchers and will continue to share the results:

  • Red Edge imagery on trials & pilot farms for improving mid-season nitrogen management.

  • Effectiveness of new herbicides and options for weed control in all sowing methods.

  • Variety nitrogen and agronomic management of current and potential new varieties.

  • Bloodworm control.

  • Sulphur rate, timing and yield response.

  • Variety susceptibility to Straighthead.

  • 6 District Variety Trials of promising rice breeders lines.

  • Water use comparisons and irrigation scheduling.

Click here for an AgriFutures Rice R&D Update. AgriFutures has 21 funded current rice R, D & E projects. The rice R, D & E program is funded by statutory R & D levies paid by industry participants. Up to half of program expenditure is matched by the Australian Government at up to 0.5% of industry GVP.

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The PI Predictor is up and running again this season for planning ahead for PI topdressing.

We have improved the predictions for drill and delayed permanent water crops using NSW DPI modelling experts. You will need to add your first flush date and permanent flood date for drill sown crops when the model testing is complete.

Remember if you add your email address then the Predictor will send you automatic updates if cooler or warmer conditions change the predicted date.

Go to the PI Predictor and save it to your HomePage.

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Matt’s Herring is investigating the ecology and economics of bittern friendly rice farming. A key part of this work is a survey of growers that grew rice in last season.
SunRice recently emailed growers a link to this online survey that takes 20-30 minutes to complete.
Please take the time to complete the survey, as the results are being used to help design the best possible program to reward growers for accommodating bitterns.
For more information, contact Matt Herring 0428 236 563 mherring@murraywildlife.com.au

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You are invited to participate in a nationally accredited precision agronomy course as a grain grower. Learn the key concepts of precision agriculture and how to use analysis software to make better decisions on farm.

Funded training delivered by Tocal College through AgSkilled™, supported by the NSW Department of Primary Industries.
For more information go to: Tocal-skills-training/courses/precision-agronomy.

Courses will be located subject to interest - give them a call.

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Rice Extension in collaboration with RGA, AgriFutures Australia, SunRice and the Rice Marketing Board, is seeking the industry’s best and brightest young people to join its innovative industry leadership program.

Applications for the program, which is part of a three-tier leadership pathway are now open and close on Wednesday, 5 December.

Stage one is a four-day interactive residential program focused on industry leadership development in R&D, policy, advocacy and the sustainability of the rice industry and will be held in Deniliquin from 18-21 February 2019.

Stage two will see four participants selected to attend a two-day workshop in Canberra.

For more information agrifutures.smartygrants.com.au/RGAleadershipprogram
Contact Ainsley Massina, Leadership Coordinator, RGA
amassina@rga.org.au | 0428 859 214

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Water Allocation and Trade Forum - Finley
Tuesday, November 27, 2018 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Finley Recreation Reserve
RSVP here

Water Allocation and Trade Forum - Caldwell
Tuesday, November 27, 2018 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Caldwell Hall
RSVP here by November 23

The forums will help you to understand how water resource assessments are made and give an overview of water trading products featuring:

  • Rose Mannik, Senior Hydrologist, NSW Department of Industry- Water: Interpreting the fortnightly resource updates.

  • Jacqui Hickey, Director River Murray Operations, Murray Darling Basin Authority: Resource assessment and allocation between states, River Murray losses calculation and how legislation impacts on operations.

  • Lex Batters, H2OX Water exchange: Overview of water market products and how people are using these products

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10am to 2pm November 21 at Wakool Club

Rice Extension in collaboration with Western Murray Land Improvement Group are delighted invite you to the fifth Women in Rice network event.

The Women in Rice network aims to connect and empower rural women involved in the rice farming business. There is a focus on sharing knowledge, building skills and growing confidence to make good business decisions, with rice as the common theme. Women of all ranges of experience, knowledge and association of the rice industry are invited.

The free information and networking event will include:

How a pork farmer meets challenges head on: Q&A with Lauren Mathers, Bundarra Berkshires

Brand building & communicating positive industry stories: Belinda Allitt, General Manager, Communications & Capacity Building, AgriFutures Australia

Profitable plans with Rice$cenario: Leah Garnett, Rice Extension. Bring: a tablet, iPad or laptop that you can connect to the internet, if you have one.

Lunch is included. Children are welcome.

For more information: Leah Garnett, Rice Extension or 0455 558 035, lgarnett@rga.org.au


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Rice Extension, in conjunction with AgriFutures and Ricegrowers’ Association, are pleased to launch the inaugural 2019 Rice Industry Awards. The awards are a new initiative aimed at bringing growers and industry together to celebrate the current and future success of the rice industry.

Help us find the best in the field. Rice Extension and AgriFutures Australia require support to celebrate the success of the rice industry - find out how you can partner with us and be part of the inaugural 2019 Rice Industry Awards:

Nominations for the inaugural 2019 Rice Industry Awards will open in March 2019, details will be available soon.