Setting the Benchmark - Rice growers maximising yields and returns, and making the most of water

A snapshot of seven growers in the Murray and Murrumbidgee valleys

This publication includes:

Part 1. Irrigation layouts

  • The foundation of all that follows

  • A short history of flood irrigation layouts

  • The side ditch (bankless channel) irrigation layout

  • The terraced bankless irrigation layout

  • The modified V-bay irrigation layout

  • The reverse-flush V-bay layout

  • V-bay modification for very flat country

Part 2. Irrigation layouts in action

  • Minimising waterlogging by design, Harry Kooloos, Mayrung

  • Retaining moisture, controlling weeds, Michael Denny, Mayrung

  • Farming to terrain and soil type, Daniel Liphuyzen, Morago

  • Farming to a target, Drew Braithwaite, Benerembah

  • Attention to detail enhances efficiency, Clinton Brill, Benerembah

  • Variable rates, consistent yields, Chris Morshead, Widgelli

  • Better rice rotation with beds, Rob Flanagan, Benerembah

Written by Mark Groat, Produced by the Rice Extension Program, 2016