Better information from improved NIR tissue test

The NIR Tissue Test is a free service for rice growers and agronomists, allowing them to make better nitrogen topdressing decisions for their rice crops. 

Quick take:

  • Good rice nitrogen management leads to increased grain yield, water use efficiency and profitability.
  • The NIR Tissue Test allows the accurate determination of the rice crop’s nitrogen requirements at panicle initiation (PI) based on economic return.
  • Recent updates to the NIR Tissue Test program have improved its accuracy for current rice varieties.
  • The PI predictor is a useful tool for helping to determine approximately when PI should occur in a crop.

Brian Dunn, Research Agronomist (Irrigation), NSW Department of Primary Industries,
Yanco Agricultural Institute

IREC Farmers' Newsletter No. 196 — Summer 2016. Read the full newsletter here.