Rice plant population requirements

Quick take:

  • No difference was observed in grain yield for plant populations from 50 to 300 plants/m2. This was the case for both aerial and drill sown rice and all of the varieties tested.
  • At low plant populations (less than 50 plants/m2), high grain yields can still be achieved but uniformity in the distribution of the plants becomes increasingly important.
  • Grain yield from the 18 and 27 cm row spacing treatments was similar but yield declined at the 36 cm row spacing.
  • Yield decline has not been observed at very high plant populations (greater than 400 plants/m2) but more research is needed to confirm these results.

Brian Dunn, Tina Dunn, Craig Hodges & Chris Dawe, NSW Department of Primary Industries, Yanco & John Fowler, Local Land Services, Deniliquin

IREC Farmers’ Newsletter – Large Area No. 193: Spring 2015. Read the full newsletter here.