Chris and Sue Hardy - One paddock, 2.5 years, 5 crops

Chris and Sue Hardy of Coleambally have benefited from the adoption of new plant and infrastructure technologies to increase the productivity, profitability and efficiency of their farming business.

Quick take:

  • With the advent of short-season rice varieties and improved irrigation layouts, some irrigators are successfully including rice in double cropping programs.
  • Cropping systems are becoming more flexible with the increasing range of short-season crop varieties. If more irrigation allocation becomes available, growers can make in-season planning decisions without sacrificing the winter crop and capitalise on the opportunity to increase returns per hectare per year.
  • Chris and Sue Hardy of Coleambally have grown five crops in two and a half years, alternating new rice variety Viand(PBR) with winter cereals, on an irrigation layout of beds in bays.

Leah Garnett, Extension Officer - Murrumbidgee, Rice Extension

IREC Farmers' Newsletter No. 199 — Autumn 2018

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