Nitrogen for high-yielding irrigated canola

Research in 2016 showed that nitrogen had a significant effect on crop growth and yield of canola; and the optimum application rate when targeting 4.0 t/ha was 200 kg N/ha.

Quick take:

  • A total of 200 kg N/ha of applied nitrogen resulted in the highest canola grain yield under irrigation.
  • Nitrogen application rates above 200 kg N/ha did not increase yield but did reduce oil content and increase crop lodging.
  • Nitrogen application rates below 200 kg N/ha reduced yield but did not affect oil content.
  • Pioneer® 45Y88 (CL), Nuseed Diamond and Pioneer® 45Y25 (RR) were the best performing varieties with grain yields over 4.0 t/ha.
  • Selection of TT varieties resulted in a 15–20%lower grain yield than the highest yielding Clearfield and conventional varieties.

Tony Napier, Cynthia Podmore, Neroli Graham, Luke Gaynor and Deb Slinger, NSW Department of Primary Industries

IREC Farmers' Newsletter No. 197 — Autumn 2017. Find the full newsletter here.