Optimum plant populations for irrigated wheat

Plant population had a significant effect on yield and lodging of irrigated wheat, with results showing that optimum plant population was 160 plants/m2 or less.

Quick take:

  • LongReach Cobra(PBR) was the standout variety in 2016 when grown under irrigation with a yield of 9.5 t/ha and protein content of 12%.
  • The optimum plant population for irrigated wheat differed between varieties but overall should not exceed 160 plants/m2.
  • Maximum grain yield can still be achieved at 80 plants/m2 for most wheat varieties but varietal response to plant population should be considered when targeting high yields.
  • Plant population had a significant effect on grain yield and lodging but no effect on protein content.
  • Lodging severity increased as plant population increased.

Tony Napier, Cynthia Podmore, Neroli Graham, Luke Gaynor and Deb Slinger, NSW Department of Primary Industries

IREC Farmers' Newsletter No. 197 — Autumn 2017. Find the full newsletter here.