Soil Health Guide

This Soil Health Guide is a easy-to-read, practical guide to understanding soil types. 

The guide provides information to help identify possible soil health issues using nine simple visual tests conducted in the paddock. The tests are cheap and easy, and can be undertaken using home-made equipment such as wire quadrants.

Observations and results can be used to determine management actions to improve soil health and assess differences in soil health between paddocks, farms, management practices and/or growing seasons. Together with the Soil Health Score Card (see inside back cover), the guide aims to complement laboratory test results, providing real-time information on a soils physical, chemical and biological characteristics.

Includes information on equipment, sampling procedure, ground cover, soil biological activity, soil colour, soil pH, texture, top soil, soil structure, soil compaction layers, slaking and dispersion.

North Central Catchment Management Authority, 2016