Case study - Gillian Kirkup - Lessons in leadership

It was meeting other inspiring women that led Gillian Kirkup to believe she could reach the leadership heights she has. She is currently a director on the SunRice Board and NSW
Rice Marketing Board (RMB) and a former Murrumbidgee Irrigation Chairman. She is keen to offer support to the next generation of leaders.

Gillian in partnership with husband Barry are farmers at Gogeldrie in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. They grow rice, winter cereals and legume crops. Managing the farm books and discussing on farm decisions as well as keeping up to date with rice industry issues and the challenges of the SunRice and RMB businesses is a full time role that she loves. 

We asked Gillian to share her thoughts on achieving leadership roles and what has been important to her success.

Leah Garnett, Rice Extension, August 2018