A new crop of leaders for AgriFutures™ Rice Advisory Panel

AgriFutures Australia is pleased to welcome growers Antony Vagg and Laura Kaylock to the AgriFutures™ Rice Program Advisory Panel who will step into the positions of retiring panel members Barry Kirkup and Garry Knagge.

The new additions to the Advisory Panel will maintain the hands-on grower balance and will bring a fresh perspective to ensure research and development investment remains aligned with industry priorities, according AgriFutures Australia Senior Manager, Research, John Smith.

“Antony is highly respected within the industry and brings a significant level of farming and research experience to the panel. As former Operations and Technical Services Manager at Rice Research Australia Pty Ltd, a grower and Nuffield Scholar – focusing on the utilisation of rice straw,” said Mr Smith.

“Laura brings a diverse range of technical and operational skills to the panel. She has experience in commercial agronomy, operations within a large family farming business as well as highly-developed project management, research, development and an understanding of the importance of extension.”

Retiring panel members Barry and Garry have made significant contributions during their tenure (four-and-a-half years and six years respectively) to ensure research and development investment is aligned to the AgriFutures™ Rice Program five-year strategic plan.

On behalf of AgriFutures Australia, Mr Smith congratulated and thanked Barry and Garry for their contribution to the AgriFutures™ Rice Program Advisory Panel.

Despite challenging conditions for growers, the RD&E program remains dedicated to improving the profitability and sustainability of the Australian rice industry, and a number of exciting initiatives focused on the future prosperity of the industry will be rolled out in 2019.


 For more information on the AgriFutures™ Rice Program, visit https://www.agrifutures.com.au/rural-industries/rice/