Rice Extension Newsletter August 2019


Last week Troy ventured to Canberra with future leaders of the Rice Industry to visit politicians and key organisations in the agricultural industry. We enjoyed attending the Annual Rice Growers Association Conference last week and celebrating the success of our top growers with the Rice Industry awards. Rice Extension is busy planning workshops and events for the upcoming season. With rain forecast later in the week (Thursday) now is the time to organise fertiliser and talk with your agronomist about top dressing winter crops. 

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Photo from the 2019 Rice Growers Gala Dinner are available on the Land website. See if you can spot yourself or someone you know.

Articles this month

Key messages from Breaking New Ground forums
Final Breaking New Ground Forum: Griffith
Rice Program RD&E Update
Rice Industry Awareds
Future Leaders of the Rice Industry
Using bore water on Rice/
SunRice Board Elections
Leadership for Funding Women
Calendar of Operations

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Thursday 8th August
Breaking New Ground ‘Farming for the future forum’
8.30am – 1.30pm
Southside Leagues Club
2 Bridge Road, Griffith, NSW
Morning tea & lunch Provided
Register here

Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd August
AgriFutures RD&E Day
Recreation Hall
Yanco Agricultural Institute
Irrigation Way, Yanco NSW
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 Key Messages from Breaking New Ground

Rice Extension held their first 'Breaking New Ground' forums last week in Deniliquin and Barham, with over 60 people attending the workshops. It was a successful day at both venues with attendees walking away with a greater understanding and knowledge around technology, business and mental health and well being.

"Very relevant topics for past 12 months, and nice to have a break from discussion around water"

Key take home messages from the feedback were:

  • Options available for off farm investment and their value in a family business

  • An on farm biosecurity plan can be very simple and free to set up

  • Precision Data management doesn't have to be expensive or complicated

  • The importance and use of NDVI imagery not only for rice crops but also winter cereals for their weed and nitrogen management.(If you are interested in finding out more check out Decipher App

  • Mental health and well being is important not only in adults but is a topic you should discuss with your children

  • Services from the Rural Financial Councillor aren't just for people who are struggling or in financial hardship, even the best farmers need advice and help.

For more information click here to down Barham or Deniliquin Booklets

We thank Murray Local Land Services for supporting these forum as a 'Drought Initiative' and encourage you all to contact your local Local Land Services if you need assistance with cropping, livestock or well being.

Final chance to attend ‘Breaking New Ground’ Forum

BNG Griffith.PNG

We invite all community members to join us for the half day workshop. Following excellent feedback and reviews from the forums held in Barham and Deniliquin, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to attend.

Event details:
Thursday 8 August
8.30am – 1.30pm
Southside Leagues Club
2 Bridge Road, Griffith, NSW
Ticket price $10
Morning tea and lunch provided.
Register here.

If you have any questions please contact:
Harriet Brickhill
0419 790 019

Rice Program RD&E Update

AgriFuture RD&E Update provides researchers, growers and industry representatives with the opportunity to hear directly about the latest research from the AgriFutures Rice Program.

When: 21-22 August commencing at 8:30am. Please note Day 2 will conclude at 1:00pm).
Where: Yanco Agricultural Institue, Narrandera Road, Yanco NSW
RSVP: online please click link below
Register here.

Rice Industry Award Winners

Burkes named 2019 SunRice Grower of The Year

Peter and Renee Burke have been named 2019 SunRice Grower of the Year. The Burke's own and operate their farm near Jerilderie, NSW. They impressed the judging panel with their outstanding agronomic and business management. This year Peter and Renee grew a 13t/ha Reiziq crop which was 33% above the 5 year average for the Murray Valley. To learn read more about the Burke's and finalists for the Grower of the Year award, click here.

Brett & Louise Turner scoop Highest Yield Award

The Rice Extension C19 Highest Yield Award was handed to Brett & Louise Turner from Yenda, with an impressive Reiziq crop of 15.4t/ha. Having been only in the Rice Industry for the last seven years this is a magnificent achievement.

Special mention goes to:

Robert and April Andreazza: Doongara yield of 14.0 t/ha which was the highest long grain C19 yield and performed 26% above the MIA industry average. Their crop is also the highest Doongara yield on record.

Shane and Damian Mannes: Reiziq yield of 12.6 t/ha which was the highest medium grain yield in the CIA and 25% above the CIA industry average.

Ricegrowers' Association Honorary Councilor Award 

Alan Walsh was named the Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia (RGA) Honorary Councillor marking a notable office-bearing career that began when he joined RGA in 1985 and culminated in 15 years as SunRice Director.

To read more about the Rice industry Award winners, click here.

SunRice Chairman Laurie Arthur, 2019 Grower of the Yea Renee & Peter Burke

SunRice Chairman Laurie Arthur, 2019 Grower of the Yea Renee & Peter Burke

Rice Growers Association Honorary Councillor C10 Highest Yield Award Winner
Allan Wash Louise & Brett Turner

Rice Extension would like to thank the following businesses for supporting the Rice Industry Awards for 2019.

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Future leaders of the Rice Industry visit Canberra

Troy Mauger (Rice Extension Coordinator) Tom Doyle, Rachel Kelly (RGA Policy Manager) Sam Sleigh, Josh Hart, Minister Susan Ley, Samantha Glenn

Troy Mauger (Rice Extension Coordinator) Tom Doyle, Rachel Kelly (RGA Policy Manager) Sam Sleigh, Josh Hart, Minister Susan Ley, Samantha Glenn

Last week four graduates of Tier 1 of the RGA Foundations of Leadership Program travelled to Canberra with Troy Mauger and Rachel Kelly (RGA Policy Manager) to meet Industry Peak Bodies and relevant Ministers to build their knowledge and understanding of advocacy and leadership. The four participants, Tom Doyle, Sam Sleigh, Josh Hart and Samantha Glenn were selected from the Introduction to the Rice Industry Leadership program that took place in Deniliquin in February this year.

The group met with relevant Industry bodies including; National Farmers Federation (NFF), National Irrigators Council (NIC), Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA), Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder (CEWH) and Department of Agriculture to enhance their understanding of each organisation and how they support our industry. The Team also met with Mike Foley from Rural Press and discussed how we can better advocate for Rural Australia in the media.

They were fortunate to catch up with Senator Perrin Davey and Agricultural Minister Bridget McKenzie, as well as Minister David Littleproud, Minister for Natural Resources and Minister Susan Ley, Minister for the Environment and Member for Farrer.

These meetings were focused on water, future of rice industry and young leaders in agriculture with each Leader raising a key issue with the Ministers;

  • The role the Rice Industry will play in the NFFs 2030 goal of a $100 billion Australian Agricultural industry

  • Minister Littleprouds response to the MDBA Productivity commission report and it’s recommendations.

  • A water transparency platform

  • Support to increase the Rice R&D Levy to $6/MT.

Using Bore water on rice

With high water prices many growers will be looking to use bore water on their rice crops this year. It is imperative that you plan ahead to minimise the negative impacts of water salinity, because groundwater has a higher salt content than channel water. Some key points to consider:

  • Have access to a properly calibrated salinity meter to constantly monitor the salt content of the water

  • Set up layouts so that water circulates through bays (i.e. alternate stops)

  • Know the salinity limits for each rice growth stage

  • Be willing to drain water from the block once thresholds have been exceeded, especially between PI and young microspore

  • Plan for the crop water use to increase (as saline water moves more readily through soil than fresh water)

John Fowler, Murray Local Land Services, wrote an article for Farm Talk in 2015. It is still relevant for managing saline ground water now. Click here to find out more.

SunRice Board Election

A friendly reminder that the voting period for new SunRice board members is now open. We encourage all growers to vote to ensure that the future of SunRice company is headed in the direction you'd like. For more information please click here.

Leadership opportunities for women

Funding has just been released to support the development of female leaders across Australia’s agriculture sector.The initiative is providing women with grants of between $3,000 and $7,000 to enable participation in one of three programs that cover such things as Presence and Presentation Skills, Leading Innovation and Change, and Emotional Intelligence and Conflict.

The scholarship funding is provided with the specific intent of providing powerful and effective development opportunities for women in the agriculture sector.

Expressions of Interest

Find out more and register your interest here by completing the Expression of Interest form prior to 13th September.

Calendar of Operations

Rice Grower Key Practices Diary - August

Farm Operations
Topdressing crops and pastures
Herbicide and pesticide sprays in winter crops
C20 paddocks - be proactive not reactive and have rice ground ready if allocations are crop permitting
If growing rice on rice ensure a good stubble burn to reduce the incidence of disease and self sown rice followed by mechanical disturbance (particularly if changing varieties)

Check water control structures. How are the rice stops? Any that leak, need replacing or new rubbers.
Over the winter - now is the time to look at machinery and to any maintenance
Friendly reminder to make sure all your vehicles are up to date with services, tyres etc.

Check out the NSW DPI drought hub to see what help is available to you and your business in the 2019/20 financial year. https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/climate-and-emergencies/droughthub/drought-assistance

Annual cash flow budgets updated including a worst case, average and best case scenarios. If you need assistance contact your local Rural financial counsellor which is a free service.
Rural financial counsellors will support you to make the right decisions for your business.
They can help you:

  • identify your financial and business options

  • develop an action plan

  • negotiate with your lenders

  • apply for Farm Household Allowance.

Airlie Hoskins
Mobile: 0429 396 729
Email: ahoskins@rfcsnsw-sr.com.au

Haidee Laycock
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Tony Flett
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