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Business of rice growing

Each season, growers make decisions around what crops to grow, the area of each crop, how much water is required and how much the water costs. Understanding how to calculate the price of water, crop gross margins and sensitivity analysis to determine risk are essential form a king the best decision for your business.

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Property tax depreciation

Depreciable infrastructure on farms. What is it and how can you benefit?

The infrastructure on farm has a value and it is important from a tax perspective that those items are set up on an ATO compliant depreciation schedule beginning with the tax year in which possession is obtained (although retrospective valuations can be done).

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Rice Industry R and D System

The rice industry’s research and development (R&D) program is facilitated primarily through the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC). The R&D program is funded through a levy that was established in 1991. Rice growers pay a statutory levy of $3/tonne on harvested rice, which is largely matched on a dollar for dollar basis by the Commonwealth Government up to 0.5% of industry gross value of production.

The R&D program aims to improve the productivity and sustainability of the Australian rice industry through the organisation, funding and management of research, development and extension that is aligned with industry reality and stakeholder needs. 

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Late season options 2017-18

Late season options

A lot has changed since the Rice Extension pre-season meetings where we discussed planning. Lack of rain and small allocation increases have been the biggest changes and a combination that most growers would not have planned for.

This has resulted in many growers irrigating winter crops with their allocation and carryover water, leaving less water available for rice. The other change is the temporary water price. 

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