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Case study - A change to drill sowing produces a record yielding Doongara crop

April and Robert Andreazza of Wilbriggie, C19 Doongara crop (41 ha) yielded 14.0t/ha (1.18t/ML) and is the highest Doongara crop on record. Robert drill sowed for the first time in his C19 crop to make the most of the small water allocation year with reduced hectares from his usual rice program. He was curious to see if there were benefits in drill sowing, and saw the opportunity of a reduced rice program in spending additional time to ensure changes in practice would be spot-on. The resulting record high yield is testament to his successful transition to drill sowing allowing him to capitalise on a perfect run of weather during the reproductive period.

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Rice Growing Guide

The recommendations in this guide are based on current rice technology developed from extensive field experience, rice research and development projects. They represent the current state of knowledge and the successful farm practices identified by experienced rice growers, research scientists and extension agronomists. The recommendations have been reviewed and revised based on seasonal experiences, research, extension and farmer results. 

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