Rice Crop Protection Guide 2018-19

This booklet summarises the pesticides currently approved for use to control weeds and pests in NSW rice crops, and some issues important in their safe and effective use.

New information this year

  • Ubeniq™ herbicide with Rinksor active (300 g/L Florpyrauxifen-benzyl) is now registered for use in water-seeded rice by aerial SCWIIRT or Bickley boom application as per label.

  • Ubeniq™ is best used in sequence after either Ordram®/Taipan or Ordram® (where dirty dora numbers are low). It should always be applied with Uptake, Hasten or MSO with LeciTech and premixed to allow coating of the herbicide before application into floodwater.

  • Changes to pesticide regulation licences for ground applicators. • Risk profile for summer spraying.

  • Reglone® use as a desicant to help harvest lodged crops. Do not harvest within 5 days of application.

  • Crop damage can occur if rice drainage water treated with Magister® is used on sensitive crops.

  • New identification photos for pests and weeds have been included in this year's guide.

  • Do not rely solely on Group A herbicides such as Barnstorm™ and Aura® as they are a high risk for herbicide resistance development. These herbicides should only be used as a secondary control measure after using one of the recommended programs where other modes of action have been used. Apply this backup treatment when the weeds are still small as control will be difficult once tillering starts.

Topics include:

  • rice crop protection overview

  • aerial sown programs

  • drill sown programs

  • insect, snail and aquatic earthworm control


David Troldahl & Mark Stevens, NSW Department of Primary Industries & Rice Extension, 2018