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The highest yield awards recognise growers who have achieved the highest medium, short and long grain yield.

2019 winner

Brett & Louise Turner, Yenda, with a 15.4t/ha Reiziq crop yield. This crop was 31% above industry average for the Murrumbidgee and the highest rice grain yield for C19 season.

2019 special mentions

Robert and April Andreazza: Doongara yield of 14,0t/ha which was the highest long grain C19 yield and performed 26% above the MIA industry average and is the highest Doongara yield on record.

 Shane and Damian Mannes: Reiziq yield of 12.6t/ha which was the highest medium grain yield in the CIA and 25% above the CIA industry average,

2018 Winners

Eastern Murray Valley


DW Marsden 10.6 t/ha
RD & BJ Armytage 9.3 t/ha
AJ & NA Varley 9.3 t/ha
MJ & AM Urquhart 9.3 t/ha


IH & C Taig 13.2 t/ha
BE & PB Allitt 12.1 t/ha
AL & ML Jones 11.8 t/ha


Wolngi Pty Ltd 13.6 t/ha
Shady Trees Farm Pty Ltd 13.5 t/ha
TB WJ DA & RA Strong 13 t/ha


Jewell Farming Pty Ltd 13.3 t/ha
Graeme Arnold & Sons Farming Trust 13.2 t/ha
JD Bunnett 13 t/ha


RJ & ML McCaw Family Trust 10.6 t/ha
Mardenoora Farming Pty Ltd 10.4 t/ha
EJ & FM Hatty Pty Ltd 9.8 t/ha
Moomalong Station 9.8 t/ha

Western Murray Valley


JM & KT Lolicato 8.9 t/ha
Amaloo Pastoral Co 8.8 t/ha
GE & JE Sheldrick 8.0 t/ha


MR & FJ Chalmers 11.95 t/ha
Amaloo Pastoral Co 11.85 t/ha
GW Lahy 11.8 t/ha


Edward Park Pastoral 13.4 t/ha
A Arthur & AT Lolicato 13.3 t/ha
Harris Pastoral Company Pty Ltd 13.2 t/ha


Gleeson Bros 12.5 t/ha
GW Lahy 12.3 t/ha
Uambine Pty Ltd 12.0 t/ha


RJ LL & MR Russ 8.7 t/ha
LJ Arthur 8.4 t/ha
GW & AC Hare 8 t/ha
Amaloo Pastoral Co 8.0 t/ha

Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area


Clint Badoco, J & G Badoco Family Trust 13.2 t/ha
Glen Aventi, Avenco Partnership 13.0 t/ha
Zirla Pty Ltd 13.0 t/ha
Gary, Wayne & Paul + Dad, Joe, Andreazza Bros 12.8 t/ha


Geoff Simpson, Melanda Farming 12.3 t/ha
Paul Newman, Neambah 12.1 t/ha
MT & KM Robertson 11.7 t/ha


Carlisle Park 14.0 t/ha
Simon Aventi, SA Farming 13.9 t/ha
Zirla Pty Ltd 13.7 t/ha


BR Turner 11.9 t/ha
MT & KM Robertson 11.6 t/ha
Crop from Willbriggie (private) 11.1 t/ha


Crop from Benerembah (private) 11.6 t/ha
Clint Badoco, J & G Badoco Family Trust 11.1 t/ha
Bonetti Family (John, Simon, Greg), Bonetti Farming Co Pty Ltd 10.8 t/ha

Coleambally Irrigation Area


Perry Hardy, Hardy Irrigation Enterprises 11.t t/ha
Ian and Justin Sutherland, Farm 212 Pty Ltd 10.9 t/ha
Alistair MacDonald, Killoran Agriculture 10.3 t/ha


Robert Groves, K Groves & Co Pty Ltd 11.7 t/ha
David & Nancy Lashbrook, Lionola Farming Pty Ltd 11.6 t/ha
Travis Oliver 10.3 t/ha


Barry, Chris & Kevin Mannes, BT Mannes & Sons 13.4 t/ha
Tim Hopwood, TD & DK Hopwood 12.8 t/ha
Shane & Damian Mannes, SG & KM Mannes Family Trust 12.6 t/ha


Shane & Damian Mannes, SG & KM Mannes Family Trust 9.5 t/ha
Mark Young, MP & PJ Young 9.4 t/ha
Darren Hardy, DJ & CA Hardy 9.1 t/ha


Barry, Chirs & Kevin Mannes, BT Mannes & Sons 11.6 t/ha
Andrew & Claire Beer, Andrew Beer Pty Ltd 11.1 t/ha
Ryan McGoldrick & Rosanna Tempest 11.5 t/ha


Barry, Chris & Kevin Mannes, BT Mannes & Sons 12.3 t/ha
Scott Hardy, Barrymore Pty Ltd 11.7 t/ha
Neal & Glenn Callaghan, Fairlie Grange Pty Ltd 11.5 t/ha

2019 Awards


All growers with a minimum of 30 ha of one variety will be in the running for the Highest Yield of 2019.  

The highest yield for three sub categories (medium, short and long grain varieties) in each of the four rice growing areas (Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area, Coleambally Irrigation Area, Eastern Murray Valley and Western Murray Valley), will be announced at the 2019 RGA Annual Conference. The format will take a countdown style presentation, featuring the top four growers in each area, prior to the RGA Annual Conference dinner.

Yields will be determined by:

  • Combining all deliveries of that variety from that business divided by the area sown and validated by SunRice

  • The yields will be multiplied by the yield potential percentage as published in the 2018/19 NSW DPI Rice Variety Guide. This will allow for natural yield variance between varieties.

Yields will not be determined on a paddock basis or farm basis if the business owns more than one farm. Note grower permission will be sought prior to any announcement.

Nomination Process

No nominations are required for this award. Growers must have harvested a minimum of 30 ha of the variety.

Nominated growers will be invited and encouraged to attend the award presentations to be held at the RGA Annual Conference dinner in August 2019.

The grower with the highest yield of all areas (identified above) for short, medium and long grain rice varieties will receive an award and recognition on the Rice Industry Awards honour roll.

The growers with the highest yield of short, medium and long grains overall will be invited to be a panel member at the Rice Grower of the Year Field Day in December 2019.

Short grains: Koshihikari, Opus, YRK5

Medium grains: Reiziq, Sherpa, Illabong, Viand

Long grains: Langi, Topaz, Doongara


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