Better predictions of groundwater recharge from rice growing. (2005)

Beecher, G


This CRC project investigated better prediction of ground water recharge form rice growing. The objective of the project were to improve rice land soil suitability identification and assessment approaches. The key focus was investigating ways of refining the electromagnetic (EM) technology approach to include soil chemical characteristics specifically soil sodicity or exchangeable sodium percentage, in the rice land assessment process. Further objectives were to identify the horizontals modes of EM31 and EM38 could provide better definitions of suitable rice land by using the vertical version. The project also aimed to promote adoption of the finding to date amongst the irrigation staff, DLWC regulatory staff and EM service providers to industry. There were six key results presented from the project were consistent with the projects objectives. One key results was irrigation companies showed a high level of interest in the project s project and adoption of the project findings.