Investigating links between minerals in rice grain and straighthead (2003)

Batten, G, Williams, P


This CRC report presents the findings of the project undertaking investigating links between minerals in rice grain and straighthead. The project reported, the current understanding of Straighthead, its symptoms and occurrence; crop surveys which were conducted in 1998/99 and 1999/2000; and  mineral analyses of grains from plants affected by Straighthead. With the key finding presented; Straighthead was mainly observed in crops grown after pasture or other rice crops where the stubble was incorporated. It was more prevalent in the rice varieties Langi and Koshihikari. Whilst there are obvious symptoms of Straighthead in relatively few rice crops; but reductions in yield also occur across large areas without any visible symptoms of Straighthead appearing. The rice grains from crops visibly affected by Straighthead were found to have higher concentrations of mineral elements and possibly inferior mill-out. Finally the cost of Straighthead to the rice industry is estimated to exceed one million dollars per year.