Rice crop intensity highlights need for good soil fertlity (2001)

Batten, G Ciavarella, S Blakeneny, A Hubatka, J


This IREC Farmers Newsletter presents information on a study undertaken between 1994-2001. The study investigated the Crop Information Sheets that are presented with rice NIR tissue test. The aim was to identify the crop pasture sequence pattern on rice farms. Rice crops may be grown in rotation with other crops and pastures or as only crop on a portion of ‘rice’ farms. The report presents information on defining continuous cultivation and presents figures and information from the database including 35% of rice farms practiced continuous rice cultivation. It was seen that continuous rice crops can produce good yields provided inputs of nitrogen, phosphorus and in some cases zinc are increased and weeds managed. From this report it is suggested that more frequent soil tests are suggested to detect changes in fertility.