A report on ground water conditions near rice growing areas fromriver and bore pumps in Murrumbidgee Valley (August 2001)

Bowmer, K Bowner, K Muirhead, W McCorkelle, G Lockhart, J Bonaventura, D Erskine, D Korth, W Naumovski, V


This IREC Farmers Newsletter presents a report following the deregulation of the rice industry and the implementation of the new environmental management guidelines and policies for the new rice growing areas. The report presents  the results of monitoring over the past six years across the 5 zones. These zones are divided into the Yanco billabong creek system, South Murrumbidgee river between Hay and Balranald, North of Murrumbidgee river between Darlington point and Hay and zone 4 and 5 are considered North and South of Murrumbidgee River between Hay and Balranald. The results that has established ground water levels have generally remained static in regions where rice growing areas have been established since 1993. The results indicate that changes to current rice growing guidelines and policies are not necessary at present. The trend for ground water rise west of Hay needs to be monitored more closely and special guidelines for that zone may be required.