Annual Report of the Rice Section Yanco Agricultural College and Research Station 1962-63 (1963)

Boerema E, McDonald D


Current glasshouse research, Variety x nitrogen rate experiment, Seed rate x N. rate trial with Caloro 11, Midseason drainage experiment, Seed increase of crossbreds, Variety collection, New crosses.
Rice Improvement, research, Breeding new long grain varieties, Crossbred variety x nitrogen rate x time of sowing experiment, Production of pure seed, Variety experiments, Studies on the influence of plant density on yield,  comparison of the percentage empty glumes in the Murray Valley and on the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area
Cultural Practises Deep placement of nitrogen, Water depth experiment. Time of draining experiment, Seed treatment, Growth regulator trial, Sodseeding trials, Observations on in-water and aerial sowing, Nutrition, Soil Testing, Fertiliser experiments, Seed rate x N. rate experiments with Calrose and Wombat, Top-dressing trial, Nitrogen - potash experiment, Effect of weed density on yield at different levels of fertility, Observations on the use ·of Stam F34. Plastic Levees