Cold Flo application shows promise (September 1989)

Clampett, W, & Vaughan, M


This IREC Farmers Newsletter article presents information in regards to Cold Flo the Anhydrous ammonia which is an efficient nitrogen fertilizer. Anhydrous ammonia had been previously tested in rice in the 1960’s and 1970’s however at the time was compared to sulphate of ammonia which was applied pre sowing. There were also complications with application and field conditions at the time that saw considerable losses. Cold Flo is used in cotton and grain in NSW and Southern Queensland. The introduction of Cold Flo in liquid form led to the potential to test again in rice. This article covers the new application equipment, field conditions and safety issues. The article concludes with Cold Flo applied anhydrous is suitable nitrogen fertilizer for rice. According to the author Cold Flo future use depends very much on individual rice growers assessment of features of the fertilizer and where its fits with their management program.