Impact compaction for reducing recharge from rice? (June 1997)

Clark, R Humphries, E


This IREC Farmer Newsletter article presents results from a trial undertaken in 1996/97 rice season. The results indicated that impact or deep lift compaction appears to reduce recharge from rice to amounts comparable to or even less than amounts currently occurring from other irrigated enterprises. Impact compactors and rollers are said to be capable of achieving compaction to considerable depth. Impact compaction reduced infiltration from 2.8 ML to 0.5 ML (2 passes), 0.2 ML/Ha (3 passes and 0.1 ML/ha (4 passes) in a trail during 1996/97 season. Yields with 2-3 pass compaction were around 12 t/ha, declining to 10 t/ha with 4 passes. However at this stage impact compactors should be considered as an experimental technique. With further studies required prior to conclusion.