NIR to enhance precision crop management (2007)

Ciavarella, S Blackney, T Batten, G Bowman, A Dunn, B


This IREC Farmer Newsletter reports on the  project NIR to enhance precision crop management.The aims included determining variations in dry matter and shoot composition (eg nitrogen and starch) across rice crops. This would provide an understanding of the limitations of fresh tissue analysis by airborne NIR sensors. The project was designed to investigate calibrations for nutrients in fresh rice tissue for use in interpreting data obtained from airborne NIR sensors and finally obtain a basis on which to keep the NIR Tissue Testing Service in line with the latest technology. The report gives and overview of Scanning fresh rice tissues and issues involved. Followed by normalized difference vegative Index (NDVI) and hyperspectral imagery. The findings presented were rice crops can be assessed for variability of dry matter and nitrogen uptake, which are required for better fertiliser management, using reflectance spectra recorded from satellites. It also indicates there is room for further investigations achieve calibrations which provide accurate analyses across all varieties, rice areas and years, for all tissue constituents currently available to farmers using the NIR Tissue Test and to determine the limitations of satellite vs air-borne sensors in routine use by the Australian rice industry.