Permanent beds for sustainable cropping (2006)

Beecher, G Dunn, B Mathews, S Thomson, J. L; Singh, R.P Humphries, L Timsina, J O'keefe, K Johnston, D


This IREC Farmers Newsletter report gives a brief overview of the field trial layout, 2004 results in Wheat, barley, and 2004/05 rice and soybeans, an economic analysis, and the following summers plan for the project. The permanent lateral beds in bays potentially offer several advantages over cropping on flat layouts. Included in these advantages are increased the possibility of water productivity and yields for rice and subsequent crops, increased cropping flexibility, easier water management, quicker field drying, greater trafficability and the increased use of ground equipment, increased opportunity to easily switch between rice and other furrow irrigated crops and finally to reduce recycling (pumping) costs in furrow irrigated crops. This project continues for 06/07 and 07/08 control strategies.