Permanent beds in bays for sustainable cropping (2007)

Beecher, G Dunn, B Mathews, S Thomson, J. L; Singh, R.P Humphries, L Jagadish, T O'keefe, K Johnston, D


This IREC Farmers Newsletter reports on the continuation of the permanent beds for sustainable cropping which has been running since 2000. The reports for 2005, 2006, and 2007 are included in this library.  The report covers 05/06 results, weed control, rice growth and yields, irrigation and fertilisers. This report concluded that high yields of wheat were achieved in 2005. This was seen on both raised beds and flat layouts – in a year without rainfall- induced water logging in winter or spring. It was also seen that the rice yields on both raised beds and flat treatments were excellent during an exceptional rice growing season. It was acknowledged that the rice yield from the bed systems is as high as that from conventional flat systems where rice is grown using permanent flooded conditions and deep water is applied during the early microspore stage.