Rice season 1990 91 a hard act to follow (October 1991)

Clampett, W


This IREC Farmers Newsletter presents the results of the 1990/91 rice growing season. The season saw a new industry record average yield of 9.05 tonne per hectare. This was despite a 23 % reductions in some sown areas. This season saw a 41 percent increase over the ten year average from 1978 to 1988. Temperatures were seen to be above average the last season seen to have such weather was 1980/81 and the 90/91 season saw a 25 % increase in yield when compared to that season. These increases are seen to be potentially due to the improved varieties and ricegrower management. The author believes these yields can be repeated with the key being management with the key focus on nitrogen, establishment and weed control.