The increase in marked grain due to microrganism (1973)


Blakeney, A


This IREC Farmers Newsletter presents information on marked grain that had been found in Australian that were similar to that of the American Peck or Pesky rice. White grains with dark rings were seen in Australia this is usually associated with the rice stink bug in the USA however it is not known to be present in Australia. The article presents a brief description of the Rice Stink bug and how it damages grains. The article also present results of an investigation into Fungi and storing grain to prevent fungi affecting the grain quality. The article concludes by stating that the results indicate that growers should not leave grain harvested at normal levels in storage bins for long periods. It also recommends farmers not to leave field bins out in cool nights as can increase microbial development as a result of condensation. Finally it is important that rice left in the bottom of field bins is not wet as a small amount of grain can reduce quality of large shipment.