Understanding & managing in-field variability of rice growth & yield (2008)

Beecher,  HG  Dunn,BW  Angus, JF  Blakeney, AB Batten, GD


This IREC Farmers Newsletter present a brief on the RIRDC project investigation understanding and managing in feidl variability of frice growth and yield. The project began in 2006/2007. The project aims were to identify factors that are causal to within field yield variability by undertaking in field experiments, to build a methods to lessen the effect of these factors whilst maintain NIR rice tissue testing capability. Results of 2006-2007 were reduced due to reduction in water allocations as a result of the drought. It was however concluded that preliminary results illustrate possible relationships between EM and cut and fill with grain yield. It is acknowledge due to the season that a comprehensive analysis of relationships between soil property and nutrient results and crop growth and yield will be carried out. The author states the project will continue to undertake further experiments to determine if the identified causes of variability are common among fields and if low yielding areas can be increased to levels at least similar to that of the current field average.