Understanding, Quantifying and Managing Spatial Variability of Rice Growth and Yield - Link (August 2008)

Beecher,  HG  Dunn,BW  Angus, JF  Blakeney, AB Batten, GD


This report is a RIRDC report on the aims and results of a project undertaken on  understanding the factors contributing to spatial variability in rice yield. It also aimed to provide tools to manage variability, and hence to increase productivity, profitability and water productivity. The project was undertaken by using field investigations of rice growth and variability. These were investigated were undertaken by maintenance and improvement of the NIR rice tissue test service. This was carried out through the integration of improved NIR hardware and the comparison of strengths and weaknesses of satellite and airborne hyperspectral sensors for tissue testing purposes. It also investigated the in-corporation of the assembled knowledge, material and data into the zone management component of the maNageRice software program. It was concluded that the investigations highlighted the existing infield variabilities such as rice growth and yield. It also highlighted the impact of land-forming. The report is a valuable resource for future work involved in this area and recommended the need for further investigations.