A Gene Machine for Functional Genomics of Rice- Link (February 2006)

Upadhyaya, N.M, Zhu, Q-H, Dennis , L.


his RIRDC report presents the findings from the project A gene machine for functional genomics of Rice. The report is presented in chapters each focussed on a specific section of the project. The key chapters are Development of tools and resources for producing rice insertion lines (Rice Gene Machine), A library of rice insertion lines – Rice Gene Machine, Rice Gene Machine – national and international collaboration, Case studies of gene identification using the Rice Gene Machine, Mining seedling vigour genes using the Rice Gene Machine - trait targeted research. Each chapter contains, background, objective materials, methods, outcomes and progress.  The overall outcomes was the development of a resource for rice functional genomics this project has made significant contribution in the form of a Rice Gene Machine -a library of insertional mutants. Using insertional mutants this research group has already identified several genes controlling plant growth and development. . This project also in conjunction with NSW Agricultural Genomics Centre, has produced new constructs and protocols for improved efficiency of mutagenesis and subsequent screening for stable insertion mutants. This research group has now developed collaborations with national and international laboratories to expand the Rice Gene Machine resource development as well as utilization. Using this Rice Gene Machine, this group is now concentrating on identifying genes controlling important agronomic traits such as seedling vigour and grain quality.