New tools for precise and efficient grain evaluation (2006)

Aryan, A Martin, M Blackburn, H Philpot, K Snell, P Reinke, R.F


The Yanco Agricultural Institute is the office of the rice breeders who develop new rice varieties suited to different niche markets and a wide range of cuisines. This pamphlet covers the role of the cereal chemistry team and the 2004/05 highlights. To create this varieties there are many stages in the breeding process and a key role is the rice chemistry team. They play a pivotal role in evaluating the grain quality parameters of various crossbreds and providing precise and timely information to breeders. To continue in this role they require to improve the efficiency and accuracy in evaluate the quality traits the rice chemistry team endeavours to adopt new tools and technologies to improve the current grain quality evaluation procedures. To continue with the demands of the program the purchase of a new grain inspector 'Cervitec' and the implementation of new molecular techniques, quality parameters of breeding lines can now be assessed more precisely, thus assisting rice breeders to develop new varieties more quickly. In this pamphlet the highlights of 2004/05 included new molecular markers for genetic evaluation, grain storage, pasting properties, new technologies to extract and analyse aromatic compounds from fragrant rice and the evaluation of new instruments for quality attributes.