Improved protocols for isolated microspore culture of rice. Application of molecular approaches to rice improvement (2005)

Darvey, N


This report is a summary of the whole project the majority of the report was withheld at time of publication due to “commercial in confidence”. 

This CRC projects had 3 main objectives that included developing a microspore culture based on rapid breeding program, understanding the genetic basis of cold tolerance and finally achieving genetic improvements in the cold tolerance of Australian rice germplasm. The author states that excellent cold tolerant germplasm was introduced into Australia as a result of collaboration with researchers from the Republic of China. As a result this germplasm assisted several other research groups within CRC including breeding, genetic and physiological groups. This germplasm also assisted in the opportunity of crossing between elite Australian cultivars in order to deliver double haploid plants for cold tolerance breeding and genetic research. The summary indicates that the project three main objectives were achieved and that future research will continue to develop in this area.