Improving topdressing recomendations for rice (2008)

Dunn, B


This IREC Farmer Newsletter article presents the result of the analysis of data collected over 16 years from 86 experiments. The project was undertaken as a it was acknowledge that nitrogen at PI recommendations had last been up date in 1996. With increase in crop yields it was due a review. The aim of the project was to determine new recommendations for nitrogen application at PI as last review was updated in 1996. The project revised these recommendation using historical data from 86 experiments. The new recommendations are presented in the article with farmers should aim for a plant nitrogen uptake of between 100 and 140 kg N/ha at panicle initiation (PI) to achieve top yields and the most efficient use of nitrogen fertilizer. It is also acknowledged that inaccurate sampling can incur inappropriate recommendations. So it is important to sample areas that are representative to the whole field.