Linking starch structure to rice cooking quality. (2008)

Cuevas, R P Fitzgerald, M


his IREC Farmers Newsletter articles presents information and an update  on the RIRDC funded project DAN212A on cooking quality. Cooking quality and specifically the structure and characteristics of starch in rice determine the use of rice in cooking and industry. This study focused on two types of starch, amylose and amylopectin. These two starches determine cooking quality in rice It investigated measure to predict cooking quality, amylose and amylospectin grain quality, waxy rice properties, protein and pasting properties, amylopectin structure and finally differences in resistant heat. This study is giving understanding to starch structure which in turn will increase the likelihood of creating designer rice varieties aimed at specific markets. In conclusion this study suggest that that a specific element of one of the starches in rice grain, the hot water soluble fraction of amylopectin, may be contributing to peak viscosity, texture of the cooked rice and glycaemic index.