The potential of green manuring legume pasture (May, 1993)

Dunn, B, Beecher, G


This IREC Farmers Newsletter presents information on the increase in rice production area and decrease in rice/pasture rotations and the effects this is having on nitrogen fertiliser use.  One potential area to elevate this issue is incorporation of pastures and the use of short season rice varieties. This article presents results of a preliminary trial undertaken in the Murrami district in 1991/92 season. The conclusion of this preliminary trial was that cultivation should be carried out close to the time of rice sowing to allow for reduction in nitrogen losses. The pasture incorporation decreased the applied nitrogen requirement to achieve high yields compared to conventional practice of removal of pastures. It was relatively small amount of incorporation and a with larger amounts of pastures there could be possible greater yield response. The potential problems of seedling establishment, slime, straighthead and blood worm were not encountered in this trial. Further trials were planned for the following season.