2008 Yanco Agricultural Institute celebrates 100 years (2008)

Lattimore, M


In 2008, Yanco Agricultural Institute is celebrating 100 years of service to the rural community of the MIA. The NSW Department of Primary Industries, formerly the Department of Agriculture, has provided important agricultural research, education, extension and regulatory functions at the centre since its establishment in 1908. Yanco Experiment Farm was established in 1908 to provide research and assistance to settlers during the development of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area.  Significant research has been conducted over the last 100 years on irrigated crops, horticulture and livestock that has contributed to the development of the diverse primary industries of the MIA. Much of this work is recorded in the IREC Farmers’ Newsletter and the NSW Department of Agriculture Agricultural Gazette.  The Institute has also played a major role in agricultural education including the training of farmers during the early years and after World War II, of delinquent boys during the 1930s, and through the Agricultural College which has operated there for over 40 years.  Thousands of people have worked, studied and lived at Yanco Institute over the decades. A reunion is being planned in October for anyone who has “drunk the channel water” and wishes to return.