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Rice plant population (2017)

The rice plant population target is 200 to 300 plants/m2 in southeast Australia

  • Difficult establishment conditions can often reduce plant populations to low levels

  • Growers needed plant population limits based on economics to known when to continue with a crop or re-sowing was needed

  • This research investigated plant populations for aerial and drill sown rice and determined appropriate population limits

  • We also investigated row spacings for drill sown rice

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Rice Straw Utilisation - Value adding and alternative uses for the Australian Rice Industry (2015)

The Australian Rice industry produces some of the highest crop yields in the world. As a result, the by-product of this is a significant stubble load, which is difficult to manage.  Additionally, the silica content of Australian rice straw is significantly higher than most around the world. The current practices of burning stubble to allow a double cropping rotation are not likely to continue too much further into the foreseeable future due to environmental constraints and changes in policy. Few alternatives of stubble management are practised within the Australian Rice Growing industry, therefore, a ban on stubble burning could severely jeopardise the viability of the industry. Throughout the world, rice growers are addressing the problem of stubble load with methods that eliminate the stubble load problem as well as value add and create additional revenue streams from a ‘waste’ product. These methods include:  Biomass plants, Biogas plants, Strawlage as a stockfeed source, Erosion control, Composting, Mulching for high value crops such as mushrooms, Building products and High value raw materials.

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